Changing Regulations

Nov 5, 2019

Building projects are defined by a variety of different regulations, some of which are changing. One such example is the mapping updates completed by FEMA for flood zones in Plymouth County. While some property owners may have already been contacted by their financial institution requiring them to purchase flood insurance, others may also be looking at new restrictions on construction within their flood zone. Going into a project, it is important to start with good base information which will allow you to make educated decisions about your design options. Utilizing the services of a registered land surveyor to obtain an elevation certificate is paramount when considering construction in or around a flood zone.

Making the Most of Existing Spaces

When Harry and Errin contacted me, they were excited about the possibilities their new home purchase in Marion offered.  They wanted to know if their ideas would work and how to make the most of the existing spaces.  At first glance, the interior of the house is awash...

Construction is Disruptive

Construction is Disruptive

Yes, we said it. Construction is disruptive and we urge you not to believe anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. It is loud, it is messy, and it is a far cry from your daily routine. For this simple reason, one of the discussion items we cover with clients...