Glen Cove Suites

Onset, MA

January 16, 2024

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to work on one of Onset's most significant Victorian structures at 167 Onset Ave.  The majority of the project involved work that was not very glamorous--a new fire alarm system, a new sprinkler system and a new 5 stop elevator, to address life safety and accessibility requirements; however in the process we created a new food & beverage venue, the 1883 Lounge where live music and good food flow freely year round.

1883 Lounge

At the time, the project was designed in phases as the Owners created a master plan to include two additional guest suites in addition to the 14 hotel rooms of the main building and the two food & beverage venues.  The reconstruction of the main building's systems and expense of renovating a historic structure weighed heavily on the team.  Phase II was placed on hold so that the operation of the main building could work itself out and hum along with good business.  Meanwhile, the permitting of the new construction went ahead with some objections from abutters as this part of Onset Village is heavily congested in summer months.  The Wareham Zoning Board of Appeals did rule in favor of our project only to have it appealed by abutters.  It took quite a bit of time to go through the legal process as things became even slower during the pandemic.  Fortunately, the owners are long term investors in Onset Village and patiently awaited the Court's ruling.

Today, in 2024, the second phase is permitted & under construction; 169 Onset Avenue.  Each suite is designed to have direct views of Onset Harbor from the living area as well as the bedroom.  

Sunrise view at Onset Harbor (sign me up to stay here!)

The first floor suite is designed to be fully accessible, a rare find in a historic village, while the second floor suite will boast lofty ceiling height and modern amenities.  We are early in the construction process and you can follow along by searching '169onsetave' on your social media channels--or you can sign up for our e-newsletter, The Sketchbook where we will include updates and other great things happening around us.

The sights and sounds of construction resonate with me as I find it rewarding to see something develop from a seed thought into a physical structure.

Yours in art & architecture, Anthi