In the field

May 9, 2023

Spring is a busy time of year for design and construction with many projects underway.  This is a sampling of some ongoing projects in various stages throughout the South Coast (and beyond).

This summer cottage in Onset has been with us for many years.  The homeowners bought the property at least 15 years ago when we created a master plan with phased renovations and additions.  This current construction project represents Phase 2 of the project and is shaping up to fit into the existing village architecture appropriately.

This waterfront home in Mattapoisett has all of the charm of a big old house on Buzzards Bay.  We see the most beautiful craftsmanship and working with a team of carpenters who are able to replicate the architectural details to meld old and new is a joy.  I will have to share how we opened up this waterview in a separate post--it is quite spectacular.

Meanwhile in British Columbia, I had the great pleasure of welcoming a new family member.  My great niece came into this world a little early and has me completely mesmorized.  My phone has gone from pictures of buildings, flashing, windows, toilets, and sinks to buildings, baby, flashing, baby, toilets, get the idea.  As a matter of fact, my great niece is one of four new babies to come into the world across all of my construction sites this spring.  I think that may be a first.  

The Selmar Eggers building in New Bedford, MA is currently being renovated in its entirety.  For those of you who have followed the history of the historic district downtown, you know that this is not the first time this building has been preserved.  I have been documenting the process during this renovation and collecting historic images to create a separate post about this property; it has been a joy to see it evolve.

This waterfront property in Marion, MA features on of my favorite door/window units.  For those of you who follow my design work, you will probably see this three panel door by Andersen make an appearance.  It comes in a variety of heights and widths, but the 11'9" width is the only way to go when you are capturing waterfront views of Buzzards Bay.  The middle panel acts as a stationery picture window and the two end panels function as sliding doors.  The door/window unit usually has a long lead time but I can honestly say it is worth the wait.